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Welcome to the official website of the Irish Mining and Quarrying Society, the web forum for the independent society for people involved in all aspects of the Minerals Industry in Ireland.

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Dinner Dance

IMQS Annual Dinner Dance 2016

This annual will take place on 26/11/16 in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin.

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The Environment

We are fully committed to ensuring that rock, sand, gravel and mineral extraction is undertaken in an environmentally compatible manner. 

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Mine Rescue

As demonstrated in Chile in 2010 a well organised mine rescue is vital to save lives, this is something the Irish mines take seriously.

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IMQS 2015 Review Available Online
Articles from this years IMQS Annual Review - Annual Review'Extractive Industry Ireland' can be individually downloaded from this website.
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Becoming a Member

All persons involved in or associated with the Extractive Industry are welcome to membership of the Society, providing they satisfy the criteria specified in the Society Constitution. Application for the various Grade of Membership should be made on the Offical Application Form

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Latest News and Events
Mining Heritage
by Dr.Piers R.R. Gardiner, Exploration & Mining Division - Published in IMQS Extractive Industry Ireland 2002
The Casino at Marino
by Pauline Kennedy - Published in IMQS Extractive Industry Ireland 2003
Environmental Quality Objectives
by Declan Waugh - Published in IMQS Extractive Industry Ireland 2002
Drilling & Blasting at Lisheen Mine
by Brendan Morris, Underground Superintendent , Padraig Barrett, Drill & Blast Engineer, Lisheen Mine from 'EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRY IRELAND' 2008 (IMQS) An overview of the drilling & blasting operations ...
Controlling Risk in the Quarrying Indusrtry
by Jim Holmes, HSA - Published in IMQS Extractive Ireland 2000
Conservation in Ireland
by Gerry Stanley, Geological Survey of Ireland - Published in IMQS Extractive Industry Ireland 2002
Minister Announces New Planning Rules on Quarrying in Ireland
Mr. Martin Cullen, T.D.Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government,
How much Rock was Extracted to Build Your House
by John S Holmes, Roadstone Provinces Ltd. - Published in IMQS Extractive Ireland 2000
The Management of Traffic During the Dublin Port Tunnel Construction
by John W. Flanagan - The Dublin Port Tunnel with a total budget of €715million is one of Ireland’s largest road engineering projects...
Rock Bolting Methods and Equipment in Mining
Tuula Puhakka and Pekka Särkkä - ROCK BOLTING METHODS & EQUIPMENT

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